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The Curriculum at Twickenham


At Twickenham we adopt a holistic approach to the teaching of the National Curriculum subjects. We link these through topic areas that are designed to stimulate and excite the children, to allow them to access learning through their interests. Many of our topic areas include ‘wow days’ and educational visits to create an excitement about learning.

The achievement of the children in the curriculum areas is closely monitored by our subject leaders, many of whom are educated to degree level in their specialist subject.

Please follow the links below to view each year group's curriculum maps.


Reception Autumn Term 1

Reception Autumn Term 2

Reception Spring Term

Reception Summer Term 1

Reception Summer Term 2

Year 1 Autumn Term

Year 1 Spring Term

Year 1 Summer Term

Year 2 Autumn Term

Year 2 Spring Term

Year 2 Summer Term

Year 3 Autumn Term

Year 3 Spring Term

Year 3 Summer Term

Year 4 Autumn Term

Year 4 Spring Term

Year 4 Summer Term

Year 5 Autumn Term

Year 5 Spring Term

Year 5 Summer Term

Year 6 Autumn Term

Year 6 Summer Term

















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