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 Curriculum Intent

At Twickenham Primary School, we commit to creating an inclusive, challenging and engaging PE curriculum and focus on promoting positive attitudes towards physical activity and physical health. Our curriculum aims to improve wellbeing and fitness, not only through the sporting skills taught, but through the underpinning values and disciplines that PE promotes.

Our key aim is to educate our children about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. We aim to teach children skills to keep them safe, such as being able to swim. We aim to teach our children how to be a responsible, fair, and inclusive team player, working with others and collaborating towards achievement.   



In our delivery of PE, we use a national curriculum approved programme of study that ensures our teachers focus on both the fundamental skills associated with primary PE but also the core values of sport. Our lessons are progressive, meaning we plan to build on what pupils of all abilities already know, understand, and can do, and identifies what pupils need to do next in order to improve. This ensures high quality teaching and learning takes place in our PE lessons.

We understand the importance and need for children to build upon their prior learning and use a progression of skills-based assessment tool to sequence skills-based learning through the year groups, monitor progress and provide adequate challenge for children of all abilities.

P.E. lessons are taught as a separate subject in KS1/2 and through our Physical development provision in EYFS.

In EYFS whole class skills teaching is supplemented by a continuous provision of physical activity both indoors and outside.

From year 1 to year 6 children follow a rigid skills-based curriculum which exposes children to different individual and team sports and physical activity.  The progression of the taught skills and knowledge are carefully planned and implemented with the aim of children being physically literate and confident to participate in social or competitive sport.  On occasion, links are made to the topic-based curriculum.

From the very beginning of our PE curriculum, we will nurture their fundamental skills to allow them to remain engaged and continue enjoying sport into KS2 and eventually adult life.  

Opportunities for children to partake in sporting activities is also evident through our extra-curricular programme which aims to give children access to a wide range of sports, taught by experienced teachers and external commercial professionals too.


Curriculum Impact

As children move through their primary school journey, they will have equipped themselves with the fundamental skills, an appreciation of techniques linked to the range of sports we provide and an understanding of the rules to play both competitively in clubs or teams or recreationally with friends.

Following the recent Commonwealth games held in Birmingham, we aim to harness the interest and momentum generated amongst our pupils. We feel we have a vital role to play in ensuring that all pupils remain at the heart of a successful sporting legacy left with our local community. 

Please note that all pupils must come to school dressed in their P.E. kits on the day that their class has P.E. which is:                                                                                                                                                Monday: Year 1 & Year 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Tuesday: Year 2 & Year 5 (Monday during swimming topic)
Wednesday: Year 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Friday: Year 6

After School Clubs

At Twickenham Primary School we pride ourselves on being able to provide and run a variety of different clubs, appealing to children with all interests using experienced members of staff and a host of outside agencies with sport specific qualifications too. After the Half Term break, our after school club programmes have continued with over 100 children attending a variety of extra-curricular activities on Mondays and Tuesday's after school. If you would like any information about getting a place at one of these clubs, please speak to your child's teacher.

We currently offer the following clubs:

Autumn Term

Years 1 & 2: Dance

Year 3: Art/Crafts

Year 4: Cricket

Year 5: Football, Team Training & Cricket

Year 6: Football & Team Training


Spring Term

Year 1: Maths

Year 2: Art/Crafts

Year 3: Dance

Year 4: Sign Language

Year 5:  Football, Team Training & Netball

Year 6: Football & Team Training

Youth Cricket Programme - Warwickshire CC 
For the second consecutive year, Warwickshire CC have partnered with Twickenham Primary School to deliver an exciting mix of skills and games related Cricket activities for children in Year 2 and 3 and extra curricular activities for children in Year 4 and 5.
The children involved have had an introduction to all elements of Cricket including batting, bowling, throwing and catching and have also had the opportunity to practise those skills in fun but competitive games and skills matches too.
If your child would like the opportunity to continue (or even start) playing Cricket outside of school, please contact Mr Perry who can give you more information about the organisations locally that can facilitate this.
Dodgeball Taster Day
Take a look at some of our Year 6 children enjoying their Dodgeball taster day booked in with Hodge Hill Dodgeball Club, a new Dodgeball Club that caters to 7-11 year old's across the Birmingham area. 
During their sessions, children in UKS2 enjoyed playing competitive matches after being taught some of the skills including effective throwing and dodging techniques.
If your child is interested in continuing their Dodgeball sessions, there is a flyer attached which gives you all of the information you need to continue with the sessions.

Cricket Taster Day

Our Year 6 children recently enjoyed a Cricket Taster Day, delivered by a qualified Warwickshire Cricket Club coach. The day was a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their core Cricketing skills having finished their Cricket lessons in PE. 
Throughout the day, the children had the opportunity to bat, bowl and field effectively while playing some fun games. 
We will be working closely with Warwickshire Cricket Club next year with the aim of providing children with opportunities in Sport post Covid.
Commonwealth Games Changemaker Programme
To celebrate the Commonwealth Games coming to Birmingham, Twickenham Primary School have successfully applied to be a partner school with the games. To celebrate the Commonwealth Games, 10 lucky children have been selected to be our Twickenham Commonwealth Changemakers.
Our Changemakers will be partnering with schools in different countries to understand the types of games they play but also describe some of the fun activities British children do too.
At the end of the programme, our changemakers will be organising a Commonwealth Sports Day for children in Y4 & 5, sharing their new knowledge of games across the Commonwealth.
Here you can see some of our Changemakers learning the rules for Boccia. We went to Wilson Stuart to join with other schools involved in the programme in what was a brilliant afternoon and really creative learning environment too.