Be all you can be!

Leadership Team: 


Mrs H. Slack


Deputy Headteachers:

Mr O. Davies

Mr A. Drummond

Mrs K. Rothwell


Assistant Headteacher:

Mrs S. Webb (Inclusion Manager)


Teaching Staff: 

Mrs K. Adams

Mrs K. Bricknell 

Mrs N. Brindley 

Miss S. Buckingham

Mr M. Bunn (Phonics Leader)

Mrs N. Canning (Science Leader)

Mrs B. Clinch

Mrs C. Hall-Yates (SENCo)

Miss L. Hiorns

Miss C. Jones

Miss S. Kelly (Key Stage 2 Phase Leader)

Miss K. Lewis 

Mrs C. Martin

Mr M. Perry (PE Coordinator)

Miss K. Poston

Mr J. Roe

Mrs N. Saif

Mrs S. Sawyers (Key Stage 1 Phase Leader)

Miss E. Sewell 

Mr P. Stringer 

Mrs C. Stroud (Nursery Leader)

Miss B. Taggart


Support Staff:

Teaching Assistants: 

Miss E. Doody

Miss K. Floyd

Mrs J. Greenfield 

Mrs A. Hadley

Miss L. Hulse

Mrs G. Jennings

Miss S. McConville

Miss B. Mulholland

Miss S. Neary

Miss A. Pidgeon

Miss W. Reeves

Miss A. Ryan

Mrs S. Smith


Pastoral Manager:

Mrs S. Holmes


Learning Mentors:

Mr H. Adams

Mr J. Kelly


Catering Manager:

Mrs S. Richardson-Smith


Catering Staff:     

Miss D. Barnes

Miss D. Dunbar

Miss T. Dunn

Mrs S. Hart

Mrs S. Leydon

Mrs N. Mercelsanca

Mrs A. Nayyar


Lunchtime Supervisors:   

Mrs L. Ford

Miss A. Hewings 

Mrs A. Rowley

Miss S. Smith


Site Manager:     

Mr R. Bodkin



Miss S. Smith


Office Staff:

Miss A. Clarke

Mrs K. Jones

Mrs J. Whateley (PA to Headteacher)


ACE Club Manager:

Miss T. Hyman 


ACE Club Staff:

Miss D. Dunbar

Miss T. Dunn

Mrs S. Leydon

Mrs A. Rowley

Miss S. Smith  


Business Manager:

Mr P. Slack