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Religious Education

At Twickenham we follow the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

“By ‘learning from faith’ children begin to understand who they are, and the community in which they live, both of which help their personal development”

We celebrate many different festivals during the year, which give us a chance to understand how faiths rejoice in different ways. For example we enjoy exploring Harvest, Diwali, Christmas, Easter and Eid, as well as discussing traditions from the Rastafarian community other faiths which influence our children.

Religious Education addresses the big issues of faith, feelings, self-expression, spiritual awareness, awe and wonder. Religious Education supports human faith communities in a school context by exploring diverse life experiences and relationships.


Religious Education at Twickenham Primary School is a celebration of the diversity of faiths that are in the life of the school. Religious Education is part of the basic curriculum and as such it is the entitlement of all children of any faith and none.


We have a collection of artefacts from each of the main traditions, and are continuing to build a collection of stories and reference books. All resources are organised according to the tradition and stored sensitively.

Reception visited St Luke's Church.