Be all you can be!

At Twickenham Primary School we aim to provide an exciting and engaging curriculum which will inspire children to nurture a passion for lifelong learning. We firmly believe the driving force behind an interesting, creative curriculum is a clear focus on delivering excellent teaching and learning which ensures children engage in a range of learning experiences which are challenging, based on real life and are meaningful. As an academy, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which pays due regard to the National Curriculum. We aim that all our children will be secondary school ready and make outstanding progress across every stage of their school life. We also ensure that during their time with us every child will visit a forest, climb a mountain, go to the seaside, visit a city, stay overnight on a residential trip, play a musical instrument and take part in over 40 days of educational enrichment activities. 

At Twickenham Primary School the following subjects are taught wholly through a topic based curriculum: Art and Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music, PSHE & citizenship and science. 

P.E. and swimming follow a skills based curriculum which is taught separately. 

Maths, English and Religious Education are taught separately. 

To support the development of speaking and listening skills and to enhance the citizenship provision, we teach philosophy for children lessons across the school.  We do not teach languages. 

Each year group studies 5 topics per academic year (EYFS study 6).  These are published on the school website.

The topics have been carefully chosen to reflect the needs and interests of the children and the environment in which they live.  They have then been analysed and referenced to the National Curriculum to ensure that there is sufficient coverage of the programmes of study.