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Sports Premium Funding 2018-19

Total allocation £19,500 (Period September 2018 – August 2019)


In 2018/19 our Sports Premium funding supported the development of sports and PE for one academic year.

 Our main targets were:

  • To embed the role of PE co-ordinator and ensure good practice is maintained across the school.
  • To develop sustainability and increase NQT and new staff’s confidence in teaching of PE and swimming.
  • To become involved in a range of inter-school tournaments to allow pupils to engage in sporting competitions.
  • To widen the range of out of school clubs for PE to include dance (ballet), rugby, netball, yoga, athletics and football run by staff within school.
  • To provide resources for sports – ballet equipment, netball court.
  • To improve the quality of swimming instruction for pupils in years 4-6 by providing 2 week intensive swimming courses for non-swimmers.
  • To develop playgrounds in KS1 and lower KS2 to ensure children are active.
  • To run leadership activities and sports clubs in school holidays and out of hours.

Funding Allocation

 In order to achieve our aims funding was allocated accordingly:

  • Afterschool sport clubs to include football, gymnastics, netball, rugby, ballet, yoga and athletics - £200.00
  • Extra cost of intensive swimming lessons - £3,118.00
  • Membership cost to sports partnership £125.00
  • Develop leadership skills through out-of-hours Leadership Challenge Programme support including sporting holiday club activities - £5,937.00
  • Development of active playgrounds including a full netball court - £10,120.00


  • High quality PE lessons in evidence across school – particular emphasis on swimming
  • High teacher confidence in teaching PE including NQT’s
  • 275 children attended free after school clubs and trips to sporting venues (to include Aston Villa Football Club, Twickenham Rugby and Coventry Ricoh Stadium) and take part in competitions there
  • Inter school competitions for hard to reach children (SEN and PP children)
  • Rise in numbers of children achieving 25m by year 6 and accurate progress measures for improving swimming across KS2
  • KS1 and KS2 playgrounds improved ensuring children are active
  • Full netball court in place which has allowed school to host interschool netball competitions
  • 122 KS2 Children took part in out of hours learning, developing leadership skills over a period of 8 days.
  • 57 children took part in free activity sports clubs during school holidays taking place over 9 days



Targets for 2019-2020

This year our targets for Sports funding aim to build upon the work achieved last year and ensure sustainability of sports and PE

Our main targets are:

  • To train the new PE co-ordinator to ensure good practice is maintained
  • Train 1 member of staff as a qualified swimming teacher
  • Continue to explore and expand links with other sports partnerships and sports clubs to encourage participation in afterschool competitions
  • Continue to support intensive swimming 1-1 lessons so that numbers of children achieving 25 meters by the end of year 6 rises.
  • Develop range of afterschool clubs
  • Provide a school football pitch
  • Develop active playgrounds in EYFS
  • Continue to support out of hours leadership skills and sporting holiday clubs – focussed on children who lack opportunities for outdoor play/sports