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At Twickenham Primary School, we pride ourselves on the pastoral care that we offer. We strive to build and encourage positive relationships between all children, staff and parents. This support is often still given after children have moved on from the school!

PSHE helps our children to become effective learners and supports them in helping to raise their self-esteem so that they can foster positive interactions with peers, family and other adults.

Circle Time lessons provide a safe environment for children to discuss issues that may be raised through topic work. Ground rules are set and are referred to during sessions so that all children feel comfortable when discussing things with their classmates. Drama, role-play and group work activities can all be used at various times during the school year to help children

When the need arises, we also bring in a local theatre company to address certain issues in more depth. You will always be informed of these events at the earliest opportunity. A parent talk is always scheduled before the sessions so that you are aware of what your child will be taking part in.