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2018/2019 PUPIL PREMIUM 

Information from 2017-18 

The government has allocated a specific pupil premium grant to every school to ensure children from low income families and vulnerable children have the best possible chance to succeed. The funding currently in 2018-19 is £1320 for every child eligible for Free School meals or a Looked After Child. Twickenham's allocation for the period September 2017 to August 2018 was £371,127 and in 2018-19 is predicted to be £341,880 

At Twickenham our decisions on how this money is spent focus on ensuring all of our children achieve the highest of academic standards, make outstanding progress, enjoy school and all that it has to offer and are able to 'Be all you can be'. We believe that we are highly successful at achieving this, because despite the fact that the majority of our children enter the school well, well below the national average, they leave the school at the end of KS2 well, well above the national average.



Activities Selected


Targeted Pupils


One to One Tuition

Intensive, individual tuition, 10 week programme of targeted support in Maths

Year 6 and Year 5 identified as being ARE or making good progress


Full time places in Nursery

Offered to children meeting criteria of need (including entitlement to FSM) ensuring the gap of deprivation is rapidly closed and accelerated progress made towards age expectation



Support from Pastoral Manager

Provision of a trained counsellor to work with targeted families to improve attendance at school and provide support and advice to parents


All Year groups





Extra Teaching Staff

Ensuring targeted group teaching in literacy and maths with a high teacher/pupil ratio to ensure children of all abilities make accelerated progress

Year 6


Year 5, Y4, Y3, Y2





Providing high quality SEN support


Ensuring early intervention for all children with IEPs and IBPs by providing additional qualified teachers (this support is not aimed at statemented children or those at SA+, but those who are eligible for PP


Year 1 and 2 – extra phonics teaching and Maths support

Year 3-6







Maths support

Targeted support in Maths in Y4, Y5 and Y6 to close gaps and accelerate progress



Pastoral support


One to one support for children at risk of exclusion to include Nurture and support work + targeted support at lunchtime to reduce exclusions




Improving attendance


Strategies to improve behaviour within school and attendance and online award system – buying in Educational Welfare/attendance support





Breakfast club


Providing free toast and snack for all KS2 and KS1 pupils







After school clubs and school trips (including residentials and cultural activities)

Targeted pupils were offered subsidies to attend school trips including residentials and after school clubs

Family support fund for hardship


All year groups


Holiday club

· Under-performing children highlighted who were at risk of exclusion or falling behind

· Support for children who are vulnerable in school holidays providing free child care




Individualised teaching programmes



Music Tuition/Clubs


Coaching and support for identified underperforming  pupil premium children across all key stages

Provided by SLT


 Ensuring all children have equal access to opportunity

Easter school










Please note that other funding was also used to support these activities




Total cost                   =    £383,915

Cost to school           =    £12,788


 Impact Statement

  • In KS1 our disadvantaged children perform in the top 10% nationally
  • In KS2 our disadvantaged children perform in the top 5% nationally
  • KS1 results remain above National Average for all children
  • School day extended by 30 minutes
  • End of KS1 results in maths, reading and writing show pupil premium children out-perform the National Average.
  • All Year 4 children now learn a musical instrument and 45 children in years 5 and 6 continue with this.
  • % of pupil premium children passing Year 1 phonics screening check rose by 5%
  • The gap between pupil premium children and non-pupil premium children was closed by 10% to 5% difference
  • Attainment in EYFS maintained to be just below National Average, despite entry to nursery being well, well below National Average.
  • At the end of KS2 88% of pupil premium children achieved ARE+ in maths, compared to 76% nationally, and 44% achieved greater depth.

In 2018/19 we expect an award of £341,880 Pupil Premium funding; this will be spent on continually ensuring our children maintain the very highest of educational standards. We will build upon the success of 2017/18 to ensure the highest quality teaching, providing a range of free individual programmes to support learning, to include focused teaching in Writing, Phonics and Maths. We will ensure that our best and most experienced teachers spend time teaching. In KS1 and KS2 we will increase the number of teachers in order to maximise opportunities for learning. We will operate a system of corrective intervention so that no child falls behind. We will continue to provide free breakfast for all children and subsidise all school trips. Our focus will continue to be ensuring all children receive quality first teaching, particularly those with special educational needs. We will introduce a new, broad curriculum to all children to ensure they have the widest scope of knowledge.  Above all else, we will ensure that every moment they spend in school will be focused upon enabling them to ‘Be all you can be’.