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At Twickenham, we pride ourselves on our approach to sport. Our aim is for your child to be physically literate when they school. Through our in-depth PE curriculum, your child will experience and learn the basic techniques of throwing, catching and ball striking that both team and individual sports require, while also promoting the idea of social participation, fair play and having respect for other competitors at all times.

In our PE lessons, our teachers are dedicated to creating a fun, safe and challenging sporting environment that encourages determination, full class participation and ensures that all sporting successes, however small or large, are celebrated widely throughout the school for all pupils.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, our emphasis is on creating as many sporting opportunities for children in all year groups as we possibly can. To supplement this, we are working in close partnership with Aston Villa Football Club, who are using football as the driver to engage harder to reach pupils in phonics and mathematics through a physical approach.

Additionally, we are also working with Wasps Rugby Football Club. Taking advantage of their community and schools programme, your child will have the opportunity to experience Tag Rugby in both PE lessons and at after-school clubs from January this year.

Both outside agencies also offer fantastic personally development opportunities for staff of our school. Our commitment to expanding the knowledge of how to teach PE while in school will also ensure that children at Twickenham Primary School become both physically literate and also have a grounding in a range of different sports that are taught in our curriculum.

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