Be all you can be!

Design Technology

At Twickenham Primary School we enjoy all of our Design and Technology lessons.

At the start of each topic we begin by looking at current designs and products that exist in the market. We evaluate these designs to decide what we like and dislike. This helps to provide us with ideas for our products.

During our design process we work, both independently and as part of a group, to make contributions towards a collective design. We get the opportunity to learn how to design for a purpose and specific audiences. Our designs are then made with care and we try our best to be accurate and neat with our finished products.

We have even produced many products to sell to the community and parents. Such as Valentine’s Day cards, Cupcakes, Place mats and Bags.

In order to make sure we complete our work to the best of our ability we evaluate our products and look for ways in which they could be improved. We share our work with each other and make helpful comments to improve the work of our peers.

Please enjoy looking at some of our examples of work. We are very proud of the final products.

Year 2 Great Fire of London Projects


Year 2 Designing and making minibeasts