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Sports Premium Funding 2015/16 

Total allocation £9805.00 (Period September 2015 – August 2016)


In 2015/16 our Sports Premium funding supported the development of sports and PE for one academic year.


Our main targets were: –


  • To increase participation in sports and PE at lunchtime by employing play leaders as permanent members of staff to ensure focused sporting activities are available everyday
  • To develop sustainability and increase staff confidence in the provision of sports at lunchtime by providing training for both staff and pupils
  • To develop links with other schools by joining the Kingsbury Sports Partnership
  • To ensure the teaching of PE links to priorities in the SIP and in particular the teaching of Maths – SIP target 1


  • To develop sustainability and increase staff confidence in teaching of all aspects of PE with particular focus on Games
  • To improve resources within school, to ensure a wide range of sports to take place
  • To improve participation in sports by making links with local sporting clubs to provide high quality coaching and at the same time develop staff confidence in teaching new sports (focus on tag rugby)
  • To continue to encourage participation by all in after school clubs by providing high quality experiences that are free to all


Funding Allocation/Impact


In order to achieve our aims funding was allocated accordingly: –


  • Employed and trained 2 play leaders (£3,555.66 + £3,164.34 school budget share) Lunchtime activities become more meaningful and exclusions are reduced
  • Staff training and CPD including teacher training and cover release to improve staff confidence (£1,020.00) – higher quality PE lessons in evidence
  • Afterschool sport clubs (attended by 210 children) to include football, gymnastics, netball, rugby, multi skills, athletics and dance - £208.00 (extra funding received from grant application)
  • Afterschool dance clubs (attended by 85 children) to include zumba and street dance - £2,070.00 + £1,500.00 school budget share
  • Membership of Kingsbury Sports Partnership providing staff training and a range of activities, to encourage sports for all, including ‘Lets get physical’ - £2,000.00
  • Sports equipment - £951.34


Sports Premium Funding 2016/17


Total allocation £9,805.00


This year our targets for Sports funding aim to build upon the work achieved last year and ensure sustainability of sports and PE

Our main targets are: –


  • To continue to develop a clear and progressive planning scheme of work to support staff confidence and delivery. ( The PE hub-schemes of work - £350.00 for two form entry school)
  • To continue to develop sustainability and increase staff confidence in teaching all aspects of the curriculum focus on games/athletics and outdoor adventurous activities
  • To develop sustainability and increase NQT and new staff’s confidence in teaching of dance, gymnastics and swimming.
  • To develop a clear and informative assessment tracking system for PE across the school.
  • To provide and engage at least 35% of pupils in extracurricular sporting activity each week.
  • To increase and provide opportunities for both girls and boys in KS1 and KS2 to take part in level 1 (intra-school sports) competition at lunchtimes and special competition afternoons throughout the year
  • To increase and provide opportunities for both boys and girls in KS2 to take part in level 2 competition (inter-school sports)
  • To develop and sustain a Change 4 Life club to continue to build on work achieved through the ‘Let’s Get Fizzical’ programme piloted in the Summer term of 2016.