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We are very proud of the relationship we have with our Governing Body and so grateful to them for the amazing job they do and the difference they make to our school. 


Mrs T Hall - Chair of Governors/Parent Governor

Miss C Brandon - Parent Governor

Mr J White - Parent Governor

Mr J Austwick - Parent Governor

Mr C Taylor - Community Governor

Mr L Dowe - Community Governor

Miss F Weddle - Community Governor

Mrs P Hepburn - Community Governor

Mr A Drummond - Staff Governor

Mrs J Stedeford - Staff Governor

Mrs H Slack - Staff Governor 

Mrs N. Clarkson - Parent Governor

Mrs C Richards - Clerk

If you would like to contact the Chair of Govenors, please email


Name 1 Name 2 Type of Governor                  (if applic) Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Curriculum and Standards Committee Member  Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee Member  Connections to Staff Yes/No  If Yes, who and how Term of Office end Other School Governors Posts held.  Name of school and governor type Personal/ Pecuniary Interests declared                       Form received?
Julian  Austwick Parent No No Yes No No 11.12.2018 No . Y
Celia Brandon Parent No Curriculum and Standards Committee Yes No No 31.12.2017 No No Y
Nicola Clarkson Parent No No Yes No No 18.10.2020 No No Y
Leslie  Dow Community No   Yes No No 18.3.2019 Yes.  Parent Governor, New Oscott Primary School No Y
Andrew  Drummond Staff     Yes Yes No 31.12.2020 No No Y
Terri Hall Parent Chair   No Yes No 31.12.2019 Yes.   Yes - business owner Y
Pam  Hepburn Community     Yes Yes No 21.12.2020 No No Y
Helen  Slack Head Teacher     Yes Yes Yes.  Spouse member of staff Ongoing No No Y
Jackie  Stedeford Staff     No Yes No 27.11.2018 No No Y
Carl  Taylor Community Vice Chair Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee No Yes No 31.12.2019 No Yes.  Spouse Business Proprietor Y
Fleur  Weddle Community     Yes No No 31.12.2020 No No Y
James White Parent   No No Yes No 11.12.2018 No No Y


Governor attendance 2017/18:

Name                                  Meetings called          Meetings attended          %

Terri Hall                             8                                   5                                        63

Celia Brandon                    7                                   5                                        71

Nicola Clarkson                 7                                   7                                        100  

Carl Taylor                         7                                    5                                        71

James White                      7                                    5                                        71

Julian Austwick                  7                                    7                                        100

Fleur Weddle                     7                                    5                                        71

Pamela Hepburn               7                                    3                                        43

Helen Slack                        11                                  11                                      100

Andrew Drummond         7                                     7                                        100

Sue Holmes                       1                                     1                                        100

Jacqueline Stedeford        8                                     7                                        88

Les Dow                             4                                     1                                        25