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Community events

Charity football tournament

The day had arrived for The Stiliyan Petrov Cup.  This was a charity sponsored, celebrity-filled extravaganza. A day of competitive football, the day that dreams were made, and broken!  Cup final day, a league competition, involving no less than 3 Twickenham teams, as well 2 teams from Hawthorn and one from Storywood (our infamous rivals). The day started well with Twickenham Barcelona drawing against Hawthorn first in a tightly contested game. Then Twickenham Man U made their debut, with appearances from players in Year 4 and 5. They went on to win 3 games, with the mixed girls/boys team of Barcelona winning and drawing one each. The tension built as Twickenham Madrid, representing our first team, achieved no less than 5 wins with no losses or draws, beating our time for fastest ever scored goal (under 3 seconds by Craig Clarke) and fastest hatrick (1 minute  by Craig Clarke and Saem Rahman). With a capacity crowd of over 250 spectators, the tension was palpable, going into the final, Twickenham Madrid Vs Storywood (our nemesis!). It was a disorganised first half as nerves got the better of the lads. The half time team talk seemed to work in the second half as shot after shot battered the opposition's goal with the woodwork keeping us out on more than one occasion. Their keeper saved the day and it finished in deadlock and on to...PENALTIES!! Saem steps up - GGGGGOOOOOOAL! Then we miss the next, followed by Storywood's goal and it all changes! Alonzo steps up - hammers home! Suddenly, the stakes couldn't be higher....and they score; and we's all on the last kick.....the fans are screaming 'OLLY WHITE, OLLY WHITE'....and HE SAVES IT!! The cat strikes again! Finally it’s sudden death. Saem steps up, again. He's focused. The goal is his only target. Bang. Lazio! Goal! Storywood now to stay in it...their player steps up.....and they've MISSED!!! The fans go wild. The players, in tears, hugging and rejoicing. Such scenes The John Taylor Sports Field has never seen! Twickenham raise the cup. Football's coming home...

On Tuesday 15th June 2016, Stiliyan Petrov visited us to present the winners of the tournament their trophy. He spent a lot of time talking to all of the children. He even had a penalty shoot out with our future footballers in Nursery. We were able to present to him the cheque for the money we raised for the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation.